Tailored services for your success!

MICROTHERM supplies a remarkable range of electronic safety components and technical trendsetting system solutions. This successful range of products is complimented by additional services, which result in benefits both economical and time related

Direct customer access
MICROTHERM offers direct access to all order related information. Through the MICROTHERM Portal we provide direct access to the availability of inventory and order processing. With this feature, you gain freedom of action and flexibility!

Engineering expertise
MICROTHERM contributes to your success by providing considerable transfer of knowledge. Our worldwide engineering expertise is available to you for the purposes of development, prototyping and the transfer of valuable know-how through technical instruction. While investigating existing procedures the MICROTHERM engineers often discover further potential to optimize your production.

Reliable delivery and performance
Reliability of supply is essential in today´s manufacturing industry. MICROTHERM actively supports you during the product approval process and also offers advice in logistical processing.

Innovative complete solutions
MICROTHERM offers a valuable service which gives you access to the broad engineering and product knowledge of a global player. System solution can provide a competitive advantage, MICROTHERM experts will gladly explain the advantage of such an offer to you.

Worldwide presence
The worldwide reputation for research & development and production experience offered by MICROTHERM guarantees reliable performance. No matter which countries you are supplying or where you want to locate your production, with MICROTHERM you have a strong partner to assist you.

Personal contact is the key to a long lasting partnership, mutual respect and a win/win situation. With Microtherm you can rely on your partner, who knows your requirements, who gives you full service and worldwide presence.

Contact us, make use of our knowledge, experience and all of the services MICROTHERM can provide.