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Protection, regulation and control for every requirement

MICROTHERM products are used in multiple applications, such as in electric motors, appliances and many products we all use daily. MICROTHERM products are known for their longevity and reliable function.

By the help of our product configuration tool in the

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Following our leaflet download:
•    Thermostat with housing 

      B-series pdf-download

      F-series pdf-download

      T-series pdf-download

•    Thermostat without housing

      A-series pdf-download

      D-series pdf-download

•    Thermostats with housing 1/2"

      R25/R26/R35/R36-series. pdf-download  

      R27/R28/R29-series pdf-download

•    Temperature fuses / thermal cut-off (L, S3M)

      TCO overview pdf-download

      Thermal cut-off SSW1 pdf-download      


•    Temperature sensor (replacement for KTY84 and KTY 83)

      STS1-series (replacement KTY 84) pdf-download       

      STS2-series (replacement KTY 83) pdf-download

•    Thermistors

      PTC pdf-download

•    High Temperature

      K1-series pdf-download

•    Temperature controller / temperature limiter

      M-series (MQT8, M2, M3) pdf-download

•    Current-sensitive thermal cut-out

      CD79F-series pdf-download

•    Adjustable thermostats

      KTR-Serie pdf-download

Besides temperature control MICROTHERM offers also current limiters:

•    Thermostat without housing (A- and D-series)

MICROTHERM manufactures these products with high precision. The self-imposed production standards and sophisticated product management allow customizing products with standard components. Our aim is to supply not only a suitable but the ideal product for your application. Therefore you can always rely on our consulting, engineering and problem solving!

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Microtherm thermal switches


with housing

B-, F-, T-Serie

- High power rating

- No vibration noise

- Small dimensions

- Shock and vibration  


- Non-sensitive to current

- Special low voltage 


- High current rating up 

  to 30A


without housing

   A-, D-Serie

- More safety by self-hold


- Various housings 


- Manual reset

- Customised ratings

- PCB terminals available


with housing 1/2" 


- Up to 100.000 switching 


- Response temperatures 

  from 0°C - 260°C

- Small tolerances

- Small hysteresis

- Various terminals 


- MOQ 2000 pieces  

  R25/R26 resp. R35/36

Temperature fuses

- Small compact housing

- Broad product line

- Dust-free execution

- Temperatures up to


- Custom-made execution


Temperature controller/

Temperature limiter



- Temperature setting

  from -10°C to +110°C

- Highest precision

- Small tolerance +3K

- Long lifetime (>100.000      life cycles)

- also waterproofed

Temperature control /

Thermal motor protector



- Small dimensions

- Max. switching capacity

- Temperature and current


- Low contact resistance