Confidence is the result of consistently high performance

Whether you are a small business or a major corporation, MICROTHERM can assure you of cost efficiency, the quick reaction time and consistently high quality service of its special production units. More than 600 employees, 9 factories worldwide and representatives in over 70 countries ensure an international support and supply network. You will benefit from exceptional service and sophisticated research and development resulting in rejection rates in the ppm-range, proving the competency of our engineering as well as the proficiency of our production.

MICROTHERM offers more then you might expect!
Especially in the area of overall system solutions we are the respected partner of well known clients.

RoHS Conformity

MICROTHERM products are RoHS compliant, according to the European Environmental Rules EU/2002/95/EC (RoHS). The components are manufactured according to industrial standard ISO 9001/2008 and meet the technical safety requirements according to EN60730.