Good to know that you have a reliable partner!

Stability of supply means that MICROTHERM will not only provide components on-time and in the required quantity, but:

  1. Accurate logistics and suitable packaging as well as a reject rate in the ppm level ensure that the components will be usable.

  2. Timely notification when changes are required to the product for either technical reasons or changes to applicable laws ensures sufficient time to adapt.

  3. Allows you to minimize risk by carrying buffer stock. The all over capacity and possibilities of the group insure an extremely high reliability of supply.

As a customer you will have access to the MICROTHERM Portal - there you can varify the status of your order, the availability of goods as well as your own order history - from anywhere in the world.

MICROTHERM offers you an established logistics department capable of operating with KANBAN as well as FIFO or consignment stock. We can also provide JIT by determining your daily consumption and shipping accordingly. 

Over 50 year of experience and countless satisfied customers worldwide are the proof of our reliability and top performance.

Contact us! We will help you to take advantage of this.