A solid base of worldwide engineering competence!

MICROTHERM is a specialist in the protection and regulation of temperature in electrical appliances, with over 40 years of experience and the know-how of more than 600 employees.

MICROTHERM performs R&D in 4 locations: Germany, Czech Republic, China and Canada. The latest CAD/CAM technology as well as company owned Rapid Prototyping equipment ensure the functionality and longevity of your safety components. Look to Microtherm for more than just our technical know-how. We are experts in market oriented R&D - putting the emphasis on developing an overall solution which has the advantage that it can be introduced immediately into your production.

The end result is a reliable design engineered around your specific requirements using electronic components that can be integrated economically into your manufacturing process.

Market orientated research and development

The T11 thermostat is an example of a temperature regulator developed by Microtherm for use on printed circuit boards to swith low voltage and high current. Considerable demand indicates that MICROTHERM has met the requirements of the target market.